Meet Julia

Since 2009, Julia has had the pleasure of serving sellers, buyers, investors and trust managers in the Greater Montreal Area across both residential and commercial markets. She has worked every aspect of the industry, holding a wide array of transactions under her belt.

Her commitment to excellence in customer care has not gone unnoticed as she frequently benefits from satisfied repeat customer transactions. First-time clients and repeat customers alike chose to work with Julia for her full-service offer, strong ethics, true passion, and expertise.

While developing her business, Julia’s strongest drive remains the success of each and every customer. She is passionate about her clients’ needs and goals above all else and employs her extensive knowledge of the industry, cutting-edge marketing techniques and resources to achieve successful transactions at every turn.

While working under the RE/MAX banner offers perks such as visibility and internal networking, in essence, it’s Julia’s foresight, dedication, negotiation skills and utmost care that represent the real difference to her customers.

She has been trained and inspired by some of today’s sale industry leaders. She incorporates those insights into her transactions along with a personalized human approach where her customers get to truly experience “the focus” being on them.

Each property is unique; therefore Julia ensures that each solution or strategy is tailored to specific needs.

In addition to being a “Superstar” broker – according to her kids, Julia is also a loving mom, sister and daughter with strong family and community ties. She is passionate about self-improvement, healthy living and eating, the outdoors, architecture and design. She combines her passion and expertise on a daily basis to ensure not only her family’s success but also your family’s success. After all, there is no greater reward for her than knowing her customers feel enriched following a successful transaction!


Real estate transactions can be stressful and full of surprises even for the most seasoned sellers and buyers. By choosing to work with an experienced broker that will guide you every step of the way, you can certainly minimize if not completely eradicate stress from the equation. This way, you can focus on what’s important; making informed decisions throughout the process. Whether you’re selling or buying, don’t settle for anything less than an Ally!

Julia Ryzhik


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